Mindset Mastery Coaching

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How it works

Self Discovery and Mindset Mastery Coaching

Self Discovery and Mindset Mastery Coaching is for you if you..:

  • You feel like you are never supported in who you are.
  • You feel like you’ve lost a true self and who you are and what you would like in your life.
  • You are constantly feeling stuck and you can be doing more with your life but you are waiting for the perfect timing or opportunity
  • You struggle with negative self talk, you are always downing yourself, comparing yourself to others and you do not feel worthy enough to have a better life.
  • You overthink and worry about things far too much and always think about whats the worst that could happen to you.
  • You put everyone else before yourself because you dont want anyone to dislike you.
  • You feel that it’s selfish to put yourself before anyone else.
  • You constantly feel overwhelmed with life and you dont know where to start.
  • You want change and you want it now!

Why choose one to one private self discovery and mindset mastery coaching?

Self discovery coaching one on one is totally private and created to focus on the individual at hand. Self Discovery Coaching focuses on creating personalized breakthroughs.

As a self discovery and mindset mastery  coach its my mission to help you distinguish what has you feeling stuck and regain clarity. Self Discovery Coaching allows you to regain your power by not fixing but solving problems. Self Discovery Coaching allows you to renew, rediscovery and relearn new ways to live your best life right now in this moment.

Self Discovery Coaching will…

  • It will make you feel excited about who you are
  • It will make you celebrate your identity
  • It will make you feel confident and daring
  • It will give you a high self esteem
  • It will help you understand yourself
  • It will give you peace with being the woman in you
  • It will give you the peace you’ve always been looking for.
  • It will allow you to create balance in your life

Why I am different and what makes Self Discovery Coaching and Mindset Mastery coaching unique!

I do not know your experiences, believe or know the stories that you have have choose to believe and live. Life coaching usually focuses on normalizing and generalizing lifestyles. I help you individually how to get back to your heart, your core most importantly back to the woman you always were just were afraid to be.

I too had to find what was blocking me. I have gone on this journey as well. It was not easy but It was necessary for me to be able to live fully in my truth. I too have coaches, mentors, read books, listen to podcast, read affirmations and follow faith. I know how it feels at the pit of your belly when you want to live in your truth. I have been there and know how it feels to be on the other side of the spectrum.

I have been on the journey to live an authentic lifestyle for the last 13 years and continue to find truth in me. It all starts with you but you have to give you a chance! You have to trust you again like a baby when it learns to walk. You have to take the first step for you. It all begins with you.

I know as women we are taught to take care of everyone else but ourselves. We are taught to suffer in silence, keep moving on as if nothing has happened and to put everyone else’s needs and desires before out very own. That’s not living life that’s living enslaved. It doesn’t feel good at your core and your core is screaming “this isn’t for you !” but yet as women we vary the load as of it were our own all alone. As I write this i think about my mother a single mom without any support. I remember my mother crying and praying to God for help, for strength and lastly for me to never have to go through what she went through.

It’s tough when you feel stuck, alone and unsupported. It can become a nightmare if the light never turn on for you to see that you deserve the life that you always thought you could have but we’re to afraid to go after.

My Self Discovery coaching will show you how to  love you again and appreciate who you have become. You will grow as a woman and everything will change around you. You will gain clarity in all areas of your life: lifestyle, career, finances, family, friends, love and relationships.

Self Discovery coaching is an unique and self reflective style of coaching where you will focus on your mind body and soul.

Self Discovery and Mindset Mastery Coaching is:-

  • Renewing
  • Reigniting
  • refreshing
  • Exhilarating
  • Life changing

She remembered who she was and the game changed! -Lalah Deliah

Once you back intune with yourself you receive many of your deepest desires. You will no longer dream or wish instead you will only do what is in the best interest for you.

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